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"If your equipment lacks,
I’ve got the hacks!"

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Powertec Levergym Hacks Part 5

This is the latest video in my Powertec Levergym Hack Series. In this video, I show my favorite exercises to perform on the Levergym and...

The NEW Powertec Compact Leg Sled

3 years ago, I purchased my first Powertec Compact Leg Sled. At the time, I said the CLS was one of the most effective and...

Ranking My 19 Powertec Products

In my latest video, I rank my 19 Powertec Products. Many of these pieces I have had multiple times over the last 15 years because I sell...

2023 Top 10 Home Gym Websites

My channel received quite the honor from, Freedom Fitness Equipment. I would like to thank Ashton Ferrazzo for recognizing my reviews as...

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Home Gym Hacks and Reviews is your source for reliable and honest home gym equipment reviews.  In addition, HGHR provides unique strength training equipment hacks and alternative exercises to help you get the most out of your home gym equipment purchases.  Lastly, this site is dedicated to anything bodybuilding-related; including, specific methods of training such as DC Training and HIT Training.

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