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The Powertec Workbench Attachments

I have always liked the Powertec Workbench Attachments.  Over the last 15 years, I’ve had the Leg Extension / Leg Curl Attachment 4 times, the Preacher Curl 3 times, the Dip 3 times, the Pec Fly 3 times, and the Leg Press Attachment 2 times.  In fact, the attachments are what makes the Powertec Workbench the most unique and versatile adjustable bench on the market.

The Powertec FID Bench is not my first choice for dumbbell training; however, it provides a connection point for 6 plate loaded machines.  Of the 4 attachments I presently own, each offers a 200 pound max weight capacity and unprecedented versatility in the home gym setting.

To further increase how effective the attachments are, I have modified 3 of them.  For the preacher curl, I have completely removed the stock curl bar and interchange my own attachments.  For the pec fly, I changed the configuration of the attachment’s handle bars and connected my own functional trainer handles to provide a more consistent resistance profile.  For the dip, I removed the rubber grips and the range of motion selector, which results in, funny enough, a greater range of motion.

I have arranged the attachments in the organizer to take up less floor space than a 6’ x 4’ horse stall mat.  This configuration and these attachments take up far less space than stand-alone machines and cost a fraction of the price.  While I don’t think the attachments are suitable for someone as strong as Ronnie Coleman in his prime, I do feel these attachments will challenge and provide a great training stimulus for most athletes.

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